MUST LISTEN…& WATCH: OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

Now everyone has probably heard of OK Go and how all of their music videos are incredible. Their video for Here It Goes Again, where they dance on the treadmills is probably what set them off to worldwide fame. Well, they have released a video for their latest track I Won’t Let You Down. The song is awesome and catchy and the video doesn’t disappoint fans and first-timers of this band. Have a watch below. Check them out on Facebook here. And Twitter here

MUST LISTEN + [FREE DOWNLOAD]: The Rebel Light – Strangers

From the LA band, The Rebel Light, comes this real gem of a song. There’s the essence of it being an indie-pop track yet with the amazing melody, the catchy joint-vocal chorus and the warm vibe coming from the modern Beach Boys style, the song feels so much more – and it deserves so much more than just labelling it as ‘an indie-pop track’ and leaving the post at that.

When first hearing Strangers – in fact, within the first few seconds where you hear the quirky sounds and vocals – I was hooked because it feels so different. It’s not trying to be mainstream to fit with the trend. It’s not trying to be indie to be cool and hip. And it’s not trying to be psychedelic. Strangers simply…how can I put it…just stands on its own because it’s mesmerisingly beautiful. Anyone at any age can connect to it. It has that fine summer-poolside vibe where anyone who listens to it doesn’t care what’s around them and in the space of listening to Strangers – and there aren’t many songs I say this about – it can make you feel infinite.

The song’s been getting played on various radio stations in U.S.A. and I’m thrilled that it is as it deserves to be recognised – AROUND THE WORLD! And for now at least, you can head over to their Soundcloud page (click the Soundcloud below to go there) and download the song. Check The Rebel Light on Facebook here. And on Twitter here.

MUST LISTEN: Galantis – Runaway (U&I)

So everyone knows I have loved Galantis’ music since they began and the duo have an amazing new dance track – the chorus is particularly awesome! I asked them a few question earlier this year, just click here to read what they had to say. But back to the song, it shows how talented and great these guys are, expect more epic things from them. Check them out on Facebook here. And Twitter here.

Rendezvous – Dragon Without A Flame

Dragon Without A Flame is the new single from Redezvous’ upcoming second album. This time round collaborating with L.A. singer Automatic Toys. I’m not sure how to easily explain this next part so bare with it. When some songs start slow and gradually build and then go back to being slow, a listener can feel disappointed that the song didn’t have that kick – that excitement – to take the song to the next level. For example with Iggy Azalea’s Black Widow, there’s a slow beat rap then it builds up with Rita Ora’s vocals and you hope it will suddenly explode from a slow song to an awesome dance song like Iggy has done…but instead it falls back to the slow verse and can be repetitive in a not so good way. However, Dragon Without a Flame, I believe, works perfectly without the ‘essential’ need of going crazy and taking it to a faster-rhythm-dance segment. It’s fantastic as it is. It ranges from being slow – a normal beat – and then with the amazing vocals and the awesome electrifying electronic sounds stepping up (with the alternative rock vibe already going on) the songs becomes something more powerful. The song is immense. Check Rendezvous on Facebook here. And Twitter here.

Jeremy Mage & The Magi

After half a million miles of inspiration on the road, Jeremy Mage has a debut album that contains a range on unpredictable style songs. Despite the variety of styles and instruments used on the songs – where one would think that the album would be just a jumble of songs that did not connect – the lyrics, meaningful words and the overall theme help make the songs work together and respectively flow together to make an amazing album.

From the constant dance and R&B songs we hear all the time, it’s actually quite lovely and refreshing to hear some organic sounds and vocals. From Waste This Year to the quirky and lovely rhythm of sounds in In July and in Howgooddoyouwannafeel? (my favourite three on the album) you find yourself not only listening to wait in anticipation what unpredictable sound and instruments are used in the next song but you listen to the songs again and again as the fresh sounds are beautiful to the ears.

Overall, it’s a magic mix of songs that work magnificently together. It’s imaginative, different and can be quite therapeutic to the mind. So have a listen below:

MUST LISTEN: Moxi – Hold Me

This week’s MUST LISTEN is from American singer Moxi with the cool and summer-vibe electropop song Hold Me. With some lovely lyrics and a great sound it’s clear to see why it’s this week’s MUST LISTEN. Check Moxi out on Facebook here. And Twitter here.

MUST LISTEN: The Other Tribe – I Can Give You Anything

So I have posted The Other Tribe, a UK band, a few times – because I love their music so much! – and I even did a quick interview with them (check it out here - yes it was over a year and a half ago!). Well, they have a new track called I Can Give You Anything and I think it’s awesome. It’s sounds more mainstream than their other tracks yet it still has their original root sound that make its different to those tracks we hear in the Uk Top 40. What do you think about The Other Tribe’s latest track? Check them out on Facebook here. And Twitter here.

Oh, and interesting picture guys!


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