Stephen Jerzak & Jamestown Story – Come Back Home

I heard this song after Jamestown Story followed me on Twitter. I read that this was a new song so I checked it out. And boy am I glad I did. The first few notes of the song makes you feel warm inside (it’s that tune feel) and you expect someone to sing slowly but OH NO Stephen Jerzak enters with fast, slick and meaningful lines and makes you blink twice in amazement – the tune and the quickness of him singing works perfectly. Then Jamestown Story (Dane) enters, in contrast to Stephen, with soft, calm vocals and with both of them create a synergy way beyond incredible. The chorus is amazing and if you think that was amazing at the end you think it’s finishing when a whole group of voices join in. This song is simple bliss and is a song that shows why I love music. It’s creative, listenable, meaningful, well-thought and powerful. Well done. Follow Stephen Jerzak on Twitter here. And Jamestown Story here.


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