The 10 Worst Music Collaborations Ever! Yikes!

Early we came across a post by The Life Of A Thinker (Name of Blog – not trying to sound clever) – “La, La, La,” and Pointless Collaborations – (, which made us think “Yes, there has been some bad music collaborations” so it felt right to blog a few of the worst collaborations ever.

10. The Beach Boys and The Fat Boys – Wipeout.

All we can say is what the heck were they thinking? We don’t know if The Fat Boys knew when they asked the Beach Boysif they could add their vocals to redo the song but Wipeout isn’t originally a Beachboys song. Oops!

9. Weezer and Lil Wayne – Can’t Stop Partying

We’re sorry but if Weezer thought they would be cool with this song then something must be wrong in the head. Though Lil Wayne’s verse is OK, you’d think if the song was called Can’t Stop Partying the song would be much more energetic and make you actually want to jump and dance around the room. This makes us want to question: why?

8. Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) & Josey Scott – Hero

All we can say is thank goodness this song was in the credits of the film Spider-man and not during it.

7.Ozzy Osbourne and Miss Piggy – Born To Be Wild

Now BlogThatMusic loves Ozzy and we love The Muppets (especially when they do a music video) but this is wrong. Totally wrong. It’s obvious they did it mostly for money, but still there are boundaries.

6.Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder – Ebony And Ivory

No. No. No. No. We love Stevie Wonder and you do too, no doubt. Paul McCartney, eh. But song shouldn’t have happened. Yes they are great musicians but that doesn’t mean they should go together. This song makes it sound as though they love each other as in want each other – sexually. It’s a good song but it shouldn’t be sang by them. Oh well, it’s done now.

5.David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street

This video creeps you out, doesn’t it? It’s OK it creeps us out too. Yes they are singing – they are not trying to open their mouths as wide as possible and then make out. To be honest it does sound more of a karaoke attempt. Both great musicians, but how about we leave Dancing In The Street to Martha And The Vandellas.

4.Bing Cosby & David Bowie – Little Drummer Boy

David Bowie pops up again. Is this trying to tell us something? Probably; Bowie should never do collaborations. End of. Apparently this was called ‘one of the weirdest duets in history’ and ‘epically bizarre’ by the Washington Post. And we agree.

3. Five & Queen – We Will Rock You

If we weren’t owned by money then Queen would never have done this song with Five – who are a terrible band to begin with. Such a shame!

2.Michael Jackson & Eddie Murphy – What’s Up With You?

This is a weird collaboration. MJ is one of the greatest musicians of all time and Eddie Murphy is one of the best comedians ever and we know he can sing but that doesn’t mean they should be put together. Oh well, enjoy it if you can.

1.Paula Abdul & The Wild Pair – Opposites Attract

if you thought Ozzy and Miss Piggy was dam right weird then you won’t believe your eyes. Yes Paula Abdul collaborated with animated cats. The song is called Opposites Attract meaning a man and a woman. So don’t have a woman singing with a cat, it’s bad messaging – we are just glad people didn’t see this and start being attracted to cats. This is one of the worst collaborations ever. One question we can’t help but ask is; how on earth did Paula Abdul become a judge on American idol and The X Factor USA when she did this?

What are your thoughts? Any collaborations missed? Don’t forget to like!

5 thoughts on “The 10 Worst Music Collaborations Ever! Yikes!

  1. Oh gosh, some of them ARE bad! Thanks for the mention. 🙂 I also think “We Are Young” by Fun feat. Janelle Monae is pointless: all she says is : Carry me Home Tonight four times.

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