Walk Off The Earth

Reading a post from Seattle Cafe Girl (http://seattlecafegirl.wordpress.com/) about her going to watch this band, we knew we had to put this Youtube-starting band up here on BlogThatMusic.Walk Off The Earth are an amazing indie band from Canada, and are not only known for their own amazing songs but also the spectacular covers on Youtube. They are currently on their worldwide tour and their third album is set to be released this Autumn (2012 who don’t know). Check Walk Off The Earth on Twitter here.

We are being extra special as we have put not one but three videos of them up. Follow this band and love their music and covers:

Their world-wide famous cover of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. It’s amazing and they even performed this live on The Ellen Show, so dedication to them all especially to the woman and man on the left for persevering with the guitar:


Their single Summer Vibe:


Walk Off The Earth’s Red Hands from their up-and-coming third album this Autumn performed on a German Talk Show:

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