Justice – New Lands

Though New Lands has been out for a couple of months, for some bizarre reason I have only just heard of it and seen the video. The song is awesome and is great to listen too. You can listen to it anywhere. In the morning, pre-drinking, at a club, or in car anywhere – even listen to it in the bathroom and it will sound right. Not to mention the video is one of best I have ever seen – and definitely one of the best videos this year. The whole concept of the game (in the video – which has baseball, American football, rollerblading and motorbikes) looks awesome, and though it looks rough I wouldn’t mind giving it a go. The rollerblade and motorbike part is based on the film Rollerblade (1975 and 2002)- you should watch the film – so should I as a matter of fact. Overall this;the song and video, effects, cast, everything is the ultimate. Check out the French duo, Justice on Twitter here.

Enjoy the best video ever! (Can’t help but say that when the American footballer gets kicked in the face and is in the hospital the music sounds like the end of a show or scene on TV)

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