Jaden Smith – The Coolest

Since when was Jaden Smith making loads of music? I never knew. I remember seeing him in The Pursuit of Happyness (the film is spelt like that) and now he is looking like a hip hop guy and singing about being cool and having a mistress. He’s changed. And for some reason I like the song. The video is basic yet it works. Is it because of the video I like it? Or is it the actual song? Or is it because his dad is Will Smith? If anything he doesn’t want to be popular because he’s Will Smith’s son. He wants to be popular and wants people to love his music because it’s his and it’s different. Anyway I like the song and it’s hip-hop at it’s relaxing pace, which I like. What are your thought on the 14 year old’s song? Check out Jaden Smith on Twitter here.

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