Miami Horror

Miami Horror – what an awesome name for an electronic (-electro-pop) band. And here’s the surprise they are not from Miami. They are from Australia. After watching some Aussie soaps I started wanting to find out more Australian music and I came across these guys. A four piece electronic band. The music I listened to and watched (the ones below) are awesome. I love electronic and electro-pop music and this definitely ticks the box for me. It’s got good beats, nice tunes and lyrics are also on the spot (good).  The tracks chosen below are from their debut album from in 2010, Illumination, because they haven’t done anything new yet however on their twitter page it says they have a new album coming out soon. EEK! in excitement! Check Miami Horror on Twitter here.

Holidays (ft. Alan Palomo) – now this video is good yet weird – have a close look at the guy  – he look’s like Dr.Zoidberg from Futurama.

I Look To You (ft. Kimbra – the one who sings with Gotye in Somedbody I Used To Know) Love it!

Moon Theory

What do you think of their music? Like it?

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