A few weeks ago I blogged about Flume and his track Holdin On and mentioned that his debut album was coming soon. Well in the UK it came out on the 9th November and YES I got it! Listening to it I could not put these two tracks on plus one featured in. Flume this album is definitely a top contender for my favourite album of 2012.


Flume – Insane (ft. Alex Ward – Moon Holiday)

Forgetting Sleepness and Holdin On – tracks I have heard before this album came out – this track is my favourite. Moon Holiday’s vocal are immense and I love the tuning Flume has done the vocal – which I normally don’t like but Flume makes it perfect. It’s very space-like, electronic and goosebumpy (if that’s a word).


Flume – Left Alone (ft. Chet Faker)

This track starts off OK but at 0:34 it’s when it kicks in for me. The vocal and the beeping in the background. Love it! Plus Flume does that changing the vocals thing.


Anna Lunoe & Flume – I Met You

This track is a electro-dance-pop track, well it’s how I sum it up.

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