Fender Heist – Chino

I don’t normally write a bio of artists (a long bio) but I think this duo’s story is unique and interesting, so I am.

Fender Heist is an electric pop duo based in Oslo, Norway (Great city by the way). Once of a local juvenile crime gang called B-Yard who made a living fencing fenders (a bumper usually air or foam filled and used to keep boats form banging into the doc or each other) on the black market, the two got enough money to buy their own studio equipment at the age of 15 and have since been producing a huge range of artists, movies and TV-series and ads.

The two members of Fender Heist apparently refuse to give up their real identity, and refer themselves only as Fender A and Fender C (question: where’s Fender B? Unless A and C are the beginning letters of their first names). They said (which could explain why not mention their identities): “who needs to know the names of two boring, middle class Norwegian guys who are the end of the day no one will remember anyway? That being said, our privacy has at least nothing to do with the continual disappearance of fenders in the harbours of Oslo.” I hope they will perform around the world, and hopefully see them because I think this track, Chino, is awesome. Check them out on Twitter here.

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