Tegan And Sara – Closer

Two sisters. Identical twins in fact. They are a Canadian Indie Rock duo and boy do they rock. Their track Closer has been out in the UK since November 2012 but it’s only now just picking up. The are well known in Canada and in the US, especially after performing on The Ellen Show last week. A few of my friends say they are like Haim, which I can understand but I believe they are different. They add a spice of synths to their music. The track is catchy and it really won’t get out of my head. Tegan and Sara are definitely artists I am keeping an eye on this year and so should you. After all their album Heartthrob is out now worldwide and they had a grammy 2013 nomination. Check them out on Twitter here.



Here is them performing Closer on The Ellen Show (apparently Tegan was ill):

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