Ghost Beach ft. Noosa – Close Enough [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This is my 200th post! And I thought it would be good to blog about an artist or band I have blogged about before but about their new track. And who better to blog about than Ghost Beach. I’ve blogged about Ghost Beach before (about them and them featuring on Viceroy’s While We’re In Love) and they seem to have taken that summer vibe they did with Viceroy and put it into their own track featuring Noosa (a project of New York artists Sky Barbarick and Matt Buszko). The New York-based tropical grit duo have this new nostalgic track, which I think gives everyone (or at least me) a sort of electro 80s vibe to it whilst helping them to reminisce the Summer (and get excited for this year’s Summer too!). This new original track is off their next full-length, which is currently untitled and without a set release date. Check out Ghost Beach on Twitter here. And Noosa here.

Free Download via a facebook ‘like’ here:

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