La Luz – Sure as Spring

Sure as Spring from La Luz (Spanish – which means Light) is a great new example of indie psych-rock but to be honest I prefer how the Seattle band call their music as ‘surf rock’, which it is because it did remind me of a California beach with surfers and men and woman on the beach having fun on a sunny hot day. It also reminds me of the early rock years but it got all heavy. I especially love the ‘hey’ and then the guitar solo – definitely 60s surf like (as is the beginning intro). It’s AMAZING! I believe in the next year  or so they will grow and be very popular and well known. Great tune and a great band from the northwest. The track is, along with Laura Mvula’s Green Garden and Marina & the Diamonds E.V.O.L., my favourite track of the month. If I had to say one bad thing about it, (but there really isn’t!) it would be that the track is not long enough for me. I would want it even longer (say 5 minutes) just  so I could listen to even more of the amazing piece of music. It really is a great track.  Check them out on Twitter here.


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