Interview: Serena Soya

Who is this gorgeous woman I hear you cry? Well, ladies and gentlemen this is Serena Soya, an amazing 20 year old singer/songwriter. Her website says that instead of listening to Britney Spears when she was eleven, like most girls would do, Serena instead listened to the likes of Eminem and strong vocal tracks like Black Box’s Ride on Time, which you can tell you listen to her tracks. Now she is singing and has made two E.P.’s.  This bright young UK star is fabulous, very talented, fierce and doesn’t mind singing her honest opinions. Luckily, I had the chance to ask Serena some questions.

What got you into wanting to be a singer and a song-writer?

A message to be heard and whole batch of emotions to release.

You’ve been described as a soul singer, with a mix of contemporary R&B and pop with Hop-Hop influences, how would you,  in your own words describe your music?

A fusion. My writing style is to paint a vivid picture in the mind of the listener and at the same time keeping the soul element in my vocals.

You’re second E.P. is entitled, Straight To The Point, what can people expect from this and how is it different to your first E.P?

Straight To The Point is the new cheeky Serena, expressing things just how they are with catchy hooks & messages that aren’t forgotten easily!


From your second E.P., my favourite track is Do You Remember? What is the inspiration for this track?

It’s very straight forward. It’s about a love lost, that you are so determined not to let go of – just to remind that love of what used to be.


Out of all of your tracks, which is your favourite to perform and why?

It’s actually a new track that will be featuring on the debut mixtape Love & War, which is out soon, entitled Big Boots – a cheeky number with lots of character. Performed live I get the chance to connect and involve the crowd!


If you could cover any track and put it on your next E.P. what would it be and why?

It would be Wishing On a Star as I like my golden oldies and something about that track always remained close to my heart.


Thank you so much, Serena and her management for setting up the interview. Serena Soya’s second E.P. Straight to the Point is out now, which you can listen to on her website via here. Make sure you listen to it and keep an eye on this unique and talented artist. Also, check Serena Soya out on her Twitter page here.

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