Interview: Eagle and the Worm

Eagle and the Worm. A strange name for a band but it’s effective as it wriggles about in your mind and stays in your head. From Melbourne, Australia, comes this amazingly unique 8 piece band, whose music is definitely party-like as it makes anyone want to get up and dance. Luckily for me, Eagle and the Worm’s frontman Jarrad Brown spent some time out from his busy schedule to answer some questions.

Members: Jarrad Brown, Richard Bradbeer, Jim Lawrie, Joe Cope, Michael Hubbard, Emily Mould, Ross Beaton, & Liam McGorry

How did you come up with the name for the band?

Just needed a name before our first gig and it stuck. Also a loose metaphor for highs and lows.

And in your own words, how would you describe your music?

Pop music, rock ‘n’ roll, you know – it’s an 8 piece band, with a horn section. But really it’s just pop music with all kinds of influences and ideas coming out of it.

As you said, there’s 8 people in the band, does the large amount of people in the group have its benefits or can it be quite difficult sometimes?

Yeah sure, it’s great for playing live and touring, a lot of fun with 8 friends. It is obviously more expensive. But I like it for the sound. Arranging an 8 piece band is what I love.

Your music video for Give Me Time features ex-Neighbours actor Mark Werkmeister (played Zeke Kinski) and the fancy roller-skating of 2004 artistic inline world champion Jayson Sutcliffe, how did this come about?

My friends Paul Stanley, the director of the video used to work in the art department for Neighbours.

Your latest track is Angela’s Lonely Hearts, what was the inspiration for this track and what is the message?

There is no message I’m afraid. It’s just a pop song. But the sing is about Los Angeles. I love Los Angeles.

Why do you think your live performances are loved so much and different to others?

I think the point of difference for Eagle and the Worm, is the larger ensemble, the harmonies, and horn section. Not all bands do that these days.

Out of all of your tracks, which is your favourite to perform and why?

It changes show to show. I like to switch it up and keep things fresh.

If Eagle and the Worm had to cover a track and put it on their next E.P. or album what would it be and why?

I’m not really sure. I’m not very good at thinking of cool covers to do. Usually one of the other guys comes up with cover ideas.

What are the plans for the band for the rest of 2013?

Making a rekid (slag for record) right now. In the studio as we speak. And we’re on tour in June and July with Ball Park Music.

A huge thanks to Jarrard Brown for answering the questions. I love the band’s feel-good energy tracks as they lift me up. And I’m pretty sure after reading this interview and listening to their music that you too love the band. Eagle and the Worm are a band to keep an eye on and follow because of their brilliant music and the large amount of energy and creativity they bring out and use in their music. Not everyone can pull off an eight piece band and create amazing and special music, but these guys most definitely do, if not more. Keep up the excellent music guys! Check them out on Facebook here. And Twitter here. Or why not have a look at their website here.

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