Interview: Asta

As soon I first heard one of her songs, which features some indie-pop, electro-pop and acoustic guitar elements alongside her breathtaking vocals, I knew I had to have an interview with this spectacular artist. ‘But who am I talking about?’ I hear you cry. I am talking about Asta; a supremely talented 19 year old Australian singer, who after winning the triple j Unearthed High competition in 2012 (which is big in Australia), has been taking Australia by storm. Just look (after reading this of course) at the comments people have left on her music videos on Youtube: they clearly show that Asta’s music is so inspirational and loved by many people. After just releasing her new single I Need Answers, which you can watch down below, and currently working on her debut album, I managed to have an in-depth interview with Asta.

When and how did you get into music?

It really started at such an early age and I can vaguely remember writing a song and performing it at around the age of 7 and being blinded by the lights, only to see a sea of silhouetted adults. it was a magical moment and I think from that point on I kept perusing it with the help of my parents entering me in local competitions and pushing me to busk on the street, so I had confidence at a very young age.

In your own words how would you describe your music?

It is a little tricky at this point because I have always been that girl on an acoustic guitar, but working with other people has definitely influenced my sound to this point. At the moment I would say it has an Empire of the Sun vibe in terms of production, a bit of 80s pop but still an honest sound with vocals.

2012 was a pretty big year for you. You were crowned triple j Unearthed High Champion and you were voted at number 50 in the Hottest 100 of 2012 with your track My Heart Is On Fire. How would you sum up last year and what was your highlight?

Last year went so quickly. It was like I had jumped on a train and really had to idea where I was going. It was mostly a blur to me but I got to encounter a lot of knowledge quickly and met a lot of great people. My highlight would have been the day of the competition. It was a dream come true. All I ever wanted was to have my song played on the radio once, but I got much much more than that so I am so grateful to all my fans that swung a vote here and there. It really makes a difference.

You are working on your debut album, what can people expect from it? And do you have a title for it yet?

It’s still early days but I am writing a lot so I will have a lot to choose from. I imagine it to be a 9 track album consisting of pop but also alternative guitar and vocal tracks. It is hard to know what it will sound like once put in a producer’s hands. It is very exciting.

This month, to show people a taste of the album you released your new track I Need Answers, which I think is amazing. What was the inspiration for this track and what is the track’s message?

The track is about wanting answers from men and life in general but also describing a new door and a new path and being ready for something new: leaving it all behind to start something fresh.

What do you hope people will get out of listening to your music?

I hope people feel lifted, or happy, or touched in any sort of way. I just want to spread good music and good vibes and hope that people feel the same way as I do.

What would you say is your favourite track to perform live and why?

I would say Escape because it has so much attitude, and most times I get way too into it. I can’t imagine what I look like when I sing it! It is such an empowering song to perform and people really get into it. That’s the best part, seeing everyone singing the chorus, heads high in the sky completely with me.

If you could cover any track and had to put it on your debut album, what would it be and why?

I have been thinking this of late and I would really like to record a cover and put it on the album. At the moment I would be leaning towards an Annie Lennox track, perhaps Pavement Cracks. It is such a beautiful song and the lyrics are something I can relate too.

And finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2013?

I am moving to Melbourne this week to form more connections and get a tighter set together with some talented musicians. A trip to NYC may be on the cards, just to seek inspiration, but other than that I am planning on writing and hopefully collaborating with other artists.

Asta is an incredible singer with remarkable talents. Though she has just begun, Asta is currently and always will be putting her mark in the music world. Why? Because her music is so beautiful yet extremely powerful and her songs make us evoke our emotions and relate to them. I can’t wait for when her debut album is released and I know you can’t wait either. But until then you can find out more and the latest about Asta on her Facebook page here. Or on her Twitter page here

A huge, and I mean HUGE, thanks to Asta for being able to take some time out to answer my questions and like I said, I cannot wait for this amazing singer’s album to come out (which I hope, even though it is in its early days, comes out really soon). Let me know what you think of Asta’s music and leave a comment.

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