ALAN. & Drew Tabor – Ho Hey (Cover of The Lumineers)

I don’t normally blog covers on here but today I have made an exception. Whilst on Facebook I noticed on my homepage, where you see what everyone has posted, a link from someone who used to go to the same school as me (ALAN.). The link was to listen to his and Drew Tabor’s cover of The Lumineers track Ho Hey and seeing as I have this blog, it felt only natural to click and have a listen. And boy am I glad I clicked the link. This cover is amazing and I think, if I’m going to be honest, is way more powerful than the original track. The two vocals work together amazingly well and act as a synergy ( – two great things are put together and they make something even better). The acoustic sound is perfect and makes the track very effective and definitely evokes emotions inside us all. To listen to more of ALAN.’s tracks then click here. And to hear Drew Tabor click here.


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