Interview + New Single Release: DEJA

It’s Easter. It’s 1st April, which normally means April Fools Day. But this is no joke. The incredible electronic/pop Australian Duo DEJA have released their new single Still Falling and BOY is it AWESOME! No, SPECTACULAR! It’s psychedelic, dark and it most definitely intrigues the listener into wanting to hear more. I’ve had it on repeat for quite a while and can’t get enough of it. Check it out below:

Not only have the duo, which is made up of haxx and Rromarin (both great names I just have to add), released their single today but I also got the chance to ask them some questions to find out more about the band, what they done recently and what DEJA has in store for the rest of the year.

H: haxx

R: Rromarin

Firstly, I heard it was Rromarin’s birthday the other week, so although it’s late, happy birthday. Did you have a good birthday and how did you celebrate?

R: Cheers, thanks heaps. I had an amazing birthday, really chilled but full of love and nice times. There wasn’t too much official celebration on the day; I saved most of my energy and festivity for the Hills Are Alive music festival that we played at two days later.

How did you both get into music?

H: My brother was a huge influence. He’s a big older than me so I was able to steal his CDs. Haha. He taught me how to play my first instrument and was really encouraging of me to play in a band when I was young.

R: Thanks to my parents I was right into music from a young age; I started learning classical piano and bassoon as a little kid, then ended up doing a BMus once I gradated from high school. I fell in love with pop as a tween though; Savage Garden and The Corrs rocked my world, and everything followed from there.

And when did you join together to become DEJA?

H: About 3 years ago.

Is there a specific reason why you chose DEJA as the name for you?

H: We just wanted something really simple that didn’t give people a preconceived idea of music we make before they heard it.

Does working as a pair have it’s benefits or do you argue sometimes when it comes to writing the music?

H: We do argue, but it’s always good arguing. Something good always comes out of the arguing. Haha. Sometimes it all happens so easily with no disagreeing though. That’s when it seems too easy and a bit weird.

R: No way, I love it when we don’t argue. Most of the time we scream the studio down arguing about song structure or a simple harmony, hahaha! We’re passionate people.

In your own words, how would you describe your music?

H: We’ve decided to call it future-pop. It’s pretty experimental from a production perspective, but we never stray too far away from a hook or something to draw your ear in.

My favourite song of yours has to be Holidays, which I have posted on BlogThatMusic a few months ago. I find Holidays very dream-like yet powerful at the same time. What was the inspiration for the track?

H: We went through a phase of listening to a heap of Panda Bear and Animal Collective. I guess that combined with a bit of a Passion Pit and Yeasayer influence made it all happen. I remember really trying to make a strange percussive beat and the song just went ahead from there.

And how do you find inspiration or motivation to sit down and write your tracks? And where do you write them?

H: We’re always scouring the internet/radio for fresh sounds. When we find songs that we like and fall in love with, they always inspire our own music. I think we’ve learnt to only try and write songs when we feel like writing songs. We definitely can’t force inspiration. Not having any limitations to our sound definitely helps us stay inspired. We make our music in a small home studio – which is great because it means we can make music at any time.

What’s your favourite track to perform on stage and why?

H: It’s actually a brand new song that we haven’t released yet but tentatively called Insanity. We thought it was one of the weaker songs when we first wrote it, but playing it live has given it a new life. Rromarin came up with a really cool melodic idea, which was changed the way the song works.

If you could cover any track and put it on your next E.P. or album what would it be and why?

H: That’s a really hard question. We’re always hearing songs and going ‘dude, we should totally cover THIS’. At the moment we’re working on a cover of the Bon Iver song Perth. Sounding pretty cool – we’re definitely looking forward to putting our own spin on that track.

Though the blog is viewed by people all over the world, it’s based in the UK. Have you ever thought or performing in the UK or in fact doing a European Tour?

H: It’s our dream to tour overseas. I still haven’t been overseas yet (dedicated to the music man). When we can make it work logistically we’ll be over there in a flash.

What are the plans for the rest of 2013?

H: Our debut EP is going to be out sometime in June/July. We’ll probably spend the rest of the year pushing that pretty hard with a tour and hopefully some more radio play. Then straight back into the studio to work on EP 2.

And finally, to finish with a random question linking to your name, when you say the word Deja some people think of Deja Vu. Have either of you had any Deja Vu’s and if so what is the weirdest deja vu you’ve ever had or the one that has freaked you out the most?

R: Once we were running from the law and had escaped into this big old house and I saw a black cat walking by shake its coat and meow and then I looked back again and it did EXACTLY the SAME THING, same shake same meow…oh s***… that was a scene from The Matrix… Nah just kidding, but seriously I can’t recall a specific Deja Vu moment in my life, they’re more of a moment of intense sensation – a strange feeling that is hard to hold on to, you know? I did have a really weird Doppelgänger moment however; it was about 6 months ago and I saw myself walking down Smith St in Fitzroy. I (the real me) was driving my car and nearly crashed because the girl literally looked so much like me, the details on the face, the clothes, the hair, everything. Spooky spooky.

Many, many thanks to haxx and Rromarin, or should I say DEJA, for spending some time away from their busy schedule and answering my questions (especially after releasing their new single Still Falling, which if you may remember is at the top of this interview post – listen to it again).  I’m sure these guys will go far – further than they already are –  as they are unique, awesomely-friendly, create great music and as you can see in the interview and in their music they are very passionate about  what they do and their music.

Don’t forget Still Falling is out now and if you want to find out more about DEJA then check them out on Facebook here. Or for Twitter then here. And if you won’t to hear more from DEJA then go to their Soundcloud page here.

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