Rachel By The Stream

Rachel By The Stream (RBTS) is a duo comprised of UK-born mash-up mistress Rachel by the Stream and Melbourne producer / hip hop artist Mattriks. They duo have recently launched an EP in Melbourne and are performing at this year’s Glastonbury in the UK.

Now how to sum their music up… it difficult because a couple of their tracks sound funky with a few electro synths, like Sunshine Moonlight but others sound pop, like Body and Soul. So to sum up their music I would have to say they are alternative with a hint of electro funky pop. Which is good because I like a lot of genres and the problem and annoying thing some artists do is that they have an album or EP with the same music and it can easily get repetitive and boring. But not for RBTS and their EP. Oh no! Because each track is different, you never get bored with it. It’s like hearing something different every time. One minute it’s pop and then BOOM you then listening to some funk folk. Listening to their music, you get to sail onto a musical journey looking at a whole range of genres and styles. You can easily mellow out and fall into their beautiful musical world. I love their music and although I am not going to Glastonbury or seeing them on 26th July at Deerstock in East Bridgford, UK, I really recommend you do as their music is pretty sweet and awesome. Here are some of their other tracks:

If you love their music like I do, then check them out on Facebook here. And on Twitter here.

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