Mouce – Nobody Wit It + Quick Review: Nikola Tesla Mixtape

After posting about a lot of Summer tunes and electropop music, here is a rap song for you from Mouce from Central Florida.

(Just so people know there is swearing in the music).


Mouce has recently made a mixtape with DJ Burn One called Nikola Tesla. If you are a true hip-hop/rap fan I’m pretty sure you with like it. And even if you aren’t a fan of the music genre, I’m sure this will help you to start liking the genre and becoming one. I won’t lie with some of the songs like the title track Nikola Tesla it does remind me off Need For Speed – but I’m not complaining. My favourite track would have to be EveryDay. Overall, it is a very good mixtape and works for both die hard fans of rap or those just starting to like it. You can check out the mix tape here.



Check out Mouce on Twitter here. And DJ Burn One here.

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