Beyoncé and André 3000 – Back To Black

I know it has been out a week or so but after seeing the film yesterday I just have to mention it. I really liked The Great Gatsby and I loved the music. Some do not think it works well but I think it does. The film is about many things but mostly about repeating the past whilst moving on into the future, well so does the music. The soundtrack is amazing and is music you would hear today but still contains that awesome 1920s feel (influences and instruments etc). One song, which some people have been huffing and puffing about is Beyonce and Andre 3000’s take on Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black. Now before people hit me, I think, in general, Amy Winehouse’s – the original  – is better (that song and Rehab made her (if you think about no one complained when Glee covered Rehab so why complain about this)). However, I think this cover is in a completely different league – it’s creepy, deep, and I think powerful in a different way to Amy Winehouse’s. So anyway, here is Beyonce and Andre 3000’s take on Back To Black. (I love the bit where Andre 3000 sings ‘I know a hundred times’). Check Beyonce out on Twitter here.

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