Propaganda Resident Dj Competition – Important! Listen!

Now Propaganda is a weekly night out in cities and towns all over the world (most famous in the UK, Ireland and Australia). Instead of playing mainstream, dance or electronic music like every club does every night, Propaganda is about playing music you don’t tend to hear – indie, alternative, rock, punk, (even heavy metal). Anyway, Propaganda is doing a competition where you have the chance of winning and becoming a resident Dj and our BlogThatMusic boy Jamie has entered. That’s right he has made a less than 30-minute Dj set so he can win and become a Dj at the amazing and unique weekly event. However, for his entry to be allowed, he needs to have 100 listeners (100 listeners). So please can you have a listen so the listening numbers will go up and his entry will be valid. Have a listen! Then share it! And then post on your Facebook and Twitter Page! Let everyone know!!! (Thanks in advance to those who do).

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