REVIEW: Kai Jones – Mixtape [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Hip-hop/rap. Everyone loves it. And everyone knows it. And here it is a new and unique mixtape from the incredible artist Kai Jones from London, UK.

The Mixtape starts with What They Saying – possibly one of my favourites track from the mixtape. Why? Because it’s nice and relaxing yet it still has that cool hip-hop and rap trend to it. Being honest, when I first played it I felt like I was in a car, just cruising in the city – like in GTA: if fact this song could easy be on one of the radio stations on the game as it has that rich radio element: the track is easy on the ears, has a distinct voice and yet still has the strong lyrics to make a stand just like a classic hip-hop/rap track. Plus it feels like a track the famous group The Fugees would have made back in the 90s – and I like The Fugees.

The mixtape moves from a calm 90s hip-hop vibe to a smooth hip-hop city club scene with Dont Rush – about how Kai Jones should not rush into anything and the moment of fame will come. Hearing it you feel like you have just walked into one of the coolest and smoothest clubs in town – meaning it’s hot and awesome. It’s modern yet Kai Jones doesn’t do what most hip-hop/rap artists do today and make every beat blast out of every corner and shout out the lyrics. It’s trick, cool and persuasive.

Entering near the middle of the mixtape, the tracks pick up with Let You Know, I Remember and Thrill. The beat gets livelier and no matter what you can’t help but subconsciously slowly bop your head up and down or move from side to side – the beats and rhythm are just so catchy. Though the tracks are catchy – they all are in fact –  the lyrics are deep and having amazing music helps boost the strong messages Kai Jones has to pass on to the listeners.

Then it seems as if something has happened on Its Alright – as if the Thrill has got to much (see what I did there?) –  because you then hear what feels like your heart beating on a machine in a hospital as Kai sings about how all this work and fame is too much, how there is stress and how you and only you can keep yourself alive and survive in this crazy world.

But the (heart)beat picks up and finishes incredibly with Money, Another Story I and 2AM as Kai expresses more emotions and problems in life. The mixtape in all is amazing as it bring hip-hop to the modern contemporary world. With the lyrics Kai Jones is able to speak about life, its highs and its problems throughout the epic mixtape – it shows that Kai Jones is bringing UK hip-hop/rap something new and will do very well in the music industry.

Check Kai Jones out on Twitter here. And Soundcloud here.

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