Interview: ILONA

So last Sunday my university hosted the SRA Chart Show – each week a different Uni hosts the national Student Radio Chart Show – and not only was I in control of the social media for the show but I was the interviewer for any interviews because I am ‘the best at interviewing’ – their words not mine. And for the show I got to interview the incredible singer Ilona. It was over the phone (I was in the studio and Ilona was on the phone). Now the presenters of the show – after they played the pre-recorded interview – said I was flirting with Ilona, which then lead to a poll on Facebook and Twitter so listeners could say if they agreed that I was. Have a listen to the interview below and decide for yourself.

Ilona is originally from Bulgaria but is based in the UK. Ilona has gone from performing her first ever solo gig of 1 song live to headlining festival stages and touring the UK and US. She has supported Newton Faulkner, Passenger, The Dunwells, Adam Ant, Paul Rodgers, Willy Mason, Daniel Bedingfield and Miss 600 to name a few, played SXSW in Texas alongside Marcus Foster and Eliza Gilkyson, and jammed with Ed Sheeran – what a list! I think her music is amazing and also very powerful in a cool way. Below the interview listen to the track we talk about Move (Together As One). Check Ilona out on Facebook here. And Twitter here.

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