MUST LISTEN: The Walking Sticks

To celebrate BTM being over a year old, Blog That Music is blogging a new feature… Must Listen. You always hear your friends say ‘Hey Joe (pretend your name is Joe….male or female up to you) have you heard this track? You MUST LISTEN To It?’…Get it? Well each week I am blogging a band this you must listen to and I explain in as many few words as I can.

It’s Sunday. The day to rest – for most. The first MUST LISTEN is The Walking Stick; a three member band from Silver Springs, U.S.A. Why are they a MUST LISTEN? Well, they have released a new EP called Send The Night (also the name of the first track) and their music is so dream pop it makes me want to relax so much that I can pretend I am on an Hawaiian beach yet at the same time feel like I can swiftly dance around the room in a club. Check The Walking Sticks out on Facebook here. And Twitter here.

Here is their EP:

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