MUST LISTEN: Flamingo – Heart, My

This week’s MUST LISTEN is a special one because well yesterday was my birthday and I needed to find a spectacular one for you. This week’s is called Heart, My from a three-piece band who come from Adelaide, Australia and call themselves…wait for it….Flamingo. At first you think why Flamingo? But then you get used to the name and actually like it. Anyway back to the song. You all know that I have blogged numerous amount of times about Flume – before he was played on BBC Radio 1 (UK radio station) – and also the awesome UK duo Disclosure, well Flamingo are like a hybrid of the two. The song has the cool slow electro feel that Flume does yet at the same time it also has a sense of Disclosure’s amazing vocal techniques. The smooth music and the deep yet calm and the high-squeak voices takes you adrift and helps you to relax and it’s because of how dreamy the track is that Flamingo with Heart, My is this week’s MUST LISTEN. Check Flamingo out on Facebook here.

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