World’s End Press – Drag Me Home

Loving seeing a ginger haired man jerk off to an Australian flag? Or a woman in fishnets bend her legs over her head and then pouring ketchup on her feet? Or how about a woman with very long fingernails? All very weird and if it was Monday I would have just accepted the video and just said #becauseitsmonday. However, it’s not and this video is totally weird – I thought Galantis’ trackĀ Smile was weird yet brilliant, but this is really out there – I’ll say interestingly good because I am always a bit like ‘oh they are just being weird so they can get attention’ but if you listen to the lyrics the video does fit with the song and works very well. As for the song it’s a very catchy, the vocals (not the song style) sound like similar to Empire of the Sun’s and no that is not just because the band is also from Australia. I love the quiet repeating chant at the end too. Overall, the song is great; it makes me want to dance anyway and not care what others think and God Dam It it makes me want to press the play button again and again. Oh well here I go again…

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