Close Counters X Maddy Jane – All The Way [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This is a great track from Close Counters (Australian) – not Close Encounters it’s Close Counters – and really I should just say that and leave it because I don’t know what else I can add on.  The music, the melody, the vocals, the lyrics – everything is incredible. It’s one of those tracks I think you could hear anywhere – be it in a ravin’ club, a slick laid-back club, a bar, a trendy cafe, I could even imagine myself  listening to it on my headphones whilst walking down the city streets –  and I think it’s very radio friendly, which is always a positive as it means people will love hearing it again and again. Keep an eye out for Close Counters and Maddy Jane because they have a great talent in producing brilliant music. Simply click on the Soundcloud to go to the website and download the track. Check Close Counters on Facebook here.

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