Click here to listen to the mixtape.

I’ll point it out now before you discover yourself and wonder about it, the mix tape was released in 2010 but doe to reasons did not get considerably recognised until this past month.

To start with this mixtape, I love the intro to it on track 1 – ‘Rippin’ the ones and twos with the hottest new joints’. In the first track the singer, Dee Money, says ‘I want to get a lot of things off ma chest’ and I think essentially not just this mixtape but the whole genre of hip-hop is that; it is about expressing your feelings and opinions. The lyric is a great way to begin a hip-hop mxitape. However, to be honest – this is just my opinion – the problem with the first track is the weird shooting noise (it’s the best way I can describe it) as it’s just constantly there and is kind of irritating whilst the singer is trying a get a message across to the listeners.

One of my favourite tracks is the second one on the mixtape, East Side Flip – Creative Writing. The intro is cool – the school bell and the president-speech-like speaking. The words the rapper says are very thought-provoking too. Well, in fact all the tracks on the mixtape are; whether it’s a mixtape, an EP or an album, all the tracks have to link for the listener to be connected with the whole package – apart from the hip hop beats, it is the fact that all the lyrics are very thought-provoking. Kontoob – Put Your Handz Up has a very different feel to the other tracks; it is still hip-hop but there is an Asian music style to it, which works really well. Another track worth mentioning is Yung Miss ft. Godhand – Nod Ya Head Musick. I quite like the music and beat to the track. Similar to Creative Writing, I love the start to the track. Nearer the end of the mixtape, after a lot of 90s-feel hip-hop music, than last part becomes a more experimental style of hip-hop mixing with others music styles and genres (for example track 22 – although I don’t understand the meaning of pumpumface).

I would imagine you would prefer to hear the mixtape in the car with your mates as you go on a long journey, be it a road trip or a drive to an event. But overall, it’s a good hip-hop/dance mixtape, which if you are a fan of hip-hop, you will definitely like this. Despite it only now getting noticed a lot now, it does show that it does take a while for talent to be recognised by a mass of people and yet it is worth the wait.

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