DojoThatMusic: December 2013

It’s pretty obviously that because you are on this blog, you also love music. So in order to give – not literally, present more like – you even more new music, each month DojoThatMusic will be blogged on here for you to listen to.

A dojo is a room or hall where judo or other martial arts are practised; DojoThatMusic is a dojo – monthly playlist – where you can train your ears into listening to more amazing music from around the world (realised that month) whilst you are in a room either working, studying on your laptop or just chilling out with some friends.

This allows you to discover and listen to a whole lot more music and find more new artists and bands than the ones already blogged on here – even though there will be one of two tracks that will have been blogged, the aim of DojoThatMusic is to open your eyes to other new music.

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