REVIEW: Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Presents: Indie Top 50 EDM Edition Vol. 1

Listen to the mixtape by clicking here.

EDM. Everyone likes music. And because or that there needs to be a mixtape where people can hear a lot of it. Well, here one is. From Coast 2 Coast, here is the Indie Top 50 EDM Edition Vol. 1. It should be pointed there are 50 tracks on the mixtape so as a heads-up I don’t talk about every track. I’d be stuck on the computer all day, haha.

Track 2 – the first one is an intro to the mixtape – is Don’t Stop Now by Godhand Black ft. Big Beat. It’s a good and nicely flowed welcome to the mixtape, it’s not too in your face and fits just right. In my opinion, I can imagine it as a track a film director might use in a scene where the camera is travelling through a house/college party and everyone is dancing, partying, causing mayhem and drinking from those cool red cups. It’s a track that everyone can like and dance too. From the cool kickstarted the mixtape then turns to Turn Me Up A Notch by CJ Gwapo. Over the years, most dance songs have three stereotypical things, which make people like the song; Ordering the Dj to turn the music up, something about the roof in the club and telling you to put your hands up in the air. These three things are in the lyrics for this song on the mixtape. Although, the music is good for the track, the lyrics don’t seem to connect with me because overall I think those three stereotypical things have been used to much in dance songs – hence why I put ‘stereotypical’. Plus when someone says can you turn the music ‘up a notch’? A notch isn’t a lot – you want ‘crank it up’ or something which actually means turn that music full blast.

The mixtape starts with the dance songs you would expect to hear in a nightclub but track 6 turns it slightly to a different direction. Prodigal Moon by Spinoza Gambit makes the mixtape turn into a soundtrack for Tron. A nice track to hear in the background whilst either doing work or chatting from mates in your house. Then the mixtape goes back to the dance songs you’d hear in the club. The mixtape isn’t simply EDM, though it says it is, it’s more EDM with a hint of hip-hop and R&B in the songs, track 8 is an example of what I mean. A couple of highlights from the mixtape I liked are Can You Feel It by Spenser Sterling, Mindpower (EDM) by The Setra and Midtown by Rivy Manolo.

There’s a variety of music on this mixtape. I don’t mean that’s because there’s 50 tracks, I mean as in each track has something different extra with the EDM they all already consist. For example, Gravitron by Cap – one of my favourites on the mixtape – is a cool space-feel dance track yet on the same mixtape The Connally Crew’s Alcohol Synonymous is the opposite is a EDM/hip-hop party track. But overall, that’s what I like about this mixtape: there is a lot of variety of artists yet they still connect together and give that dance vibe you want when you want to go and party either in the house, at college or in the cool, popular American nightclubs and also the fact that there is a lot of talent (by it singers, rappers, music producers) out there that Coast 2 Coast have discovered.

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