REVIEW: DJ Insane Presents Hood Games Vol.4

Listen to the Dj Insane Presents Hood Games Vol.4 here.

Compared to other mixtapes that have been reviewed on here, this one contains a lot more high-profiled singers and rappers – from the likes of Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifia. The mix tape starts off with a hard, hip-hop/rap remix of a Rick Ross track: it’s hard and a great start to a mixtape – it gets you in the mood to party.

From a hip-hop club remix to then suddenly a more laid-back hip-hop track, you can’t help but think the running order (the order of the songs) of the mixtape wasn’t carefully thought about. Nevertheless, Keep on Pushing by Three Words ft. Godhand Black is a good song. With the mixture of hip-hop and R&B, there becomes a catchy chorus and a great beat that you can easily listen to again and again.

The mixtape then flips back around to the hard, deep hip-hop music of Chi Waukee by Damo Cash ft. Playaron. Following the third track is a song about Obama – yes, you heard me – a song about Obama. I do like the “Obama, Obama, Obama,” and although I haven’t had chance to count yet but I’m pretty sure the rapper says Obama a lot of times.

The middle of the mixtape flows well. With the same feel, vibe, rhythm and beat, you can listen to the mixtape – as it was created – without having to consciously think about it or worry that the mixtape will suddenly dramatically change the mood – it’s a mixtape fit for a club where you can either dance or chill too.

Every now and then you hear an announcement for you to follow Dj Insane on Twitter, which is bearable but can be annoying. Overall, the mixtape does do justice for hip-hop music, though the order of it could been considered more so it flowed better at the beginning, each track is individually good, with a great middle and good old hip-hop climax to the end.

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