REVIEW New EP: Con Vos – Cocoon Bloom [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Con Vos are a New York trio who have created a unique sound in the music industry of combining indie-pop and some soft hip-hop rap. Now when I describe this band, instead of saying “I said, a hip, hop, the hippie,” in The Sugerhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight, I say to the same tune “I said, a hip, hop, and indie-pop”. Well the American trio have released their debut EP, Cocoon Bloom.

The five track EP starts with one of the trio’s most famous tracks, Coast, which was a  MUST LISTEN track back in the beginning December last year. Throughout the EP, there is a smooth electronic – possibly 80s – feel whilst the indie pop/hip-hop rap mix still strongly prevails as go further into the EP. Out of the tracks, Daymare has a darker vibe than the others – the Joker out of the Gotham City villains – it almost starts lie a song The XX would have but then livens up even though the lyrics are powerful. From the EP, my favourite line has to be from this track: “Oh it’s my favourite shade of gold”.

After the third track, Central Park, comes this wilder electric-feel track called Coyote – the rhythm lives up to the wilderness of the creature it is called after. Then to finish this wonderful EP is Alaska, which although every song is different, they all right up the end keep the basic constraint of having indie-pop with a hint of hip-hop and a touch of electronic.

It’s a great debut EP to have and I can’t wait for a debut album. I am positive it will be amazing if they carry on with this incredible unique sound they have created.

To get a free download of this, simply click on the Soundcloud and click on the Download button.

Check Con Vos Facebook here. And Twitter here.


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