Xandepic – Dub Evolution

Xandepic’s Space of Time was in the AussieThatMusic Playlist for Australia Day and now the band has a new track they have uploaded onto Soundcloud called Dub Evolution. The live Drum n’ Bass band is very VERY different to other bands in the same genre; this band uses elements from all other genres such as Jazz, electro, hip-hop, rap…the list goes on…and puts them so perfectly together in their songs. There aren’t many bands that can make it look so easy to mix a variety of genres together yet these guys make it look as easy as saying 1, 2, 3. I love how at first I’m hearing drum n’ bass and then all of a sudden there’s a saxophone blasting some sweet tunes. And this is no joke –  these guys are definitely a band I want to see live.I’m sure it is as incredible as it is on the track. Check Xandepic on Facebook here.


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