MUST LISTEN: Rollergirl (ft. Harris Cole) – Eve [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Rollergirl is an American Producer/DJ who is inspired by 1970s roller-skating movies starring Linda Blair and creates cool modern disco tracks. You’d think it’s the person in the picture above but no Rollergirl is not the girl above; Rollergirl is actually a man. What I love about Rollergirl’s music – especially this one – is how Rollergirl can create music that has the elements and vibes of 70s disco and mix them perfectly well with modern dance styles we hear in clubs today. The American producer/DJ keeps keep disco alive by creating an up-to-date alternative way for not just people who loved the 70s but also for today’s young adults and teenagers. I definitely to get myself to a rollerdisco soon! I already have my roller-skates. Click on the Soundcloud to be shown where to download the track. Check Rollergirl out on Facebook here. And Twitter here.

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