Glos Loud Lounge: Buying Lies

As part of my University course, I have collaborated with some other students to create Glos Loud Lounge – a project which looks at helping undiscovered and unsigned artists in Gloucestershire, UK, get the attention they deserve. Looking at artists/bands with all sorts of music styles and genres, such as from rock/punk to acoustic, Glos Loud Lounge allowed artists to have a session and create a podcast about new artist. The podcasts, which includes segments of songs and an interview with the artists/band members, give a great in-depth view of what the artists/bands are like and what their music means to them.

The first Glos Loud Lounge session is with Buying Lies – a Cheltenham-based punk/rock hybrid band who have a unique twist in their music. What I love about the band’s music is the Arabian influences that blend so well with the heavy rock sounds and vocals. Have a listen to the Buying Lies podcast that I help produced, which you can also download for FREE:

To watch their session head over to the Glos Loud Lounge website here.

Check out Buying Lies on Facebook here. And Twitter here.

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