PodThatMusic: March 2014

Well it’s coming to an end of another month, which means it’s for a new PodThatMusic. The podcast features the month’s MUST LISTEN, Social Verdicts (your opinions on some of the newest music), Your Most Talked About plus two in-depth interviews with either new or undiscovered artists about their music and there thought-process to creating their songs. This month I spoke with the Australian live drum n’ bass band with a twist, Xandepic and the Disco-influenced American Producer Rollergirl (Facebook links are underneath the podcast).

Have a listen to the podcast below and enjoy!

To find out more about Xandepic then click here. And for Rollergirl, click here.

And if you want to listen to the extended versions of the interviews then listen to the Xandepic Extended Version hereAnd the Rollergirl Extended Version here.

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