Interview: Galantis

The awesome Swedish dance duo known as Galantis features Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklow aka Style Of Eye and luckily I managed to get them to quickly answer some questions about their music and their new EP, which is out on the 1st April.
Firstly, I wanted to ask about your logo, what’s with the cats and the jellyfishes? Is there a story behind this?
We are big fans of a British visual artist and art director  – we contacted him and he came up with some really amazing ideas and we took it from there.
Now, Christian is Miike Snow and Linus is also known as Style Of Eye, but what is about the music create you as Galantis that you love so much?
It is very easy making music together and it keeps the creative juice following.
Your track, Help, which is awesome and has some pretty amazing drops in the song but what is the track about and what does it mean for you?
The best part of this song is that it can be interpreted differently for every listener. What it means to us and what we think it is about will be different from anyone else who listens to the song – that’s the best part about it!
Your self-titled EP is out on April 1st (hope it’s no April Fool’s Joke), what can people expect and gain from the E.P.?
Blood, sweat and tears went into those 6 tracks. We feel they represent our music/sound. Hopefully it will be a good preview to what you can expect from Galantis in the future.
Out of your track on the E.P., which are looking forward to play live on stage and why?
We’re looking forward to playing all of them but You is going through a big treatment for the live stage.
A wonder what the big treatment on stage is for their track You, oh well I will have to watch them live to find out. Thanks very much for Galantis to taking their time out to answer some questions. If you want to find out more about Galantis, check out their Facebook here. And their Twitter here.


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