REVIEW: Rollergirl – I Love You, Girl

A couple of weeks after interviewing American Producer Rollergirl, he released a 6-track album called I Love You, Rollergirl! The album features the track Eve, which I blogged about back in February and was PodThatMusic: February 2014’s MUST LISTEN. Rollergirl manages to keep to easily control and bring a great mix of the 70s disco music with the elements we see on today’s dance floor.

With the likes of Vanilla Coke and Do You Wanna Dance?, you can tell in this album, as apposed to the music he has sampled before, that he has pushed the boundaries and has experimented with trying to add more techniques in modern dance music. There is definitely a lot of experimentation with effects in the last song, Last Night. But I am really glad that there are is still an awesome balance of modern and 70s disco in the songs and that some still contain audio clips from films, such as in I Love You.

Below is the first track from the album:

Overall, as the music Rollergirl creates, Rollergirl is defining himself and what his music is about more and more. This is a great album to listen to whether you are preparing to go out, in a club or just wanting to chill and relax with your mates. Another collection of great music.

You can get the album here.

To find out more about Rollergirl on Facebook click here. Or for on Twitter, here.

If you to know more about the music thought process behind Rollergirl’s music then listen to the interview I did:

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