Jeremy Mage & The Magi

After half a million miles of inspiration on the road, Jeremy Mage has a debut album that contains a range on unpredictable style songs. Despite the variety of styles and instruments used on the songs – where one would think that the album would be just a jumble of songs that did not connect – the lyrics, meaningful words and the overall theme help make the songs work together and respectively flow together to make an amazing album.

From the constant dance and R&B songs we hear all the time, it’s actually quite lovely and refreshing to hear some organic sounds and vocals. From Waste This Year to the quirky and lovely rhythm of sounds in In July and in Howgooddoyouwannafeel? (my favourite three on the album) you find yourself not only listening to wait in anticipation what unpredictable sound and instruments are used in the next song but you listen to the songs again and again as the fresh sounds are beautiful to the ears.

Overall, it’s a magic mix of songs that work magnificently together. It’s imaginative, different and can be quite therapeutic to the mind. So have a listen below:

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