MUST LISTEN + [FREE DOWNLOAD]: The Rebel Light – Strangers

From the LA band, The Rebel Light, comes this real gem of a song. There’s the essence of it being an indie-pop track yet with the amazing melody, the catchy joint-vocal chorus and the warm vibe coming from the modern Beach Boys style, the song feels so much more – and it deserves so much more than just labelling it as ‘an indie-pop track’ and leaving the post at that.

When first hearing Strangers – in fact, within the first few seconds where you hear the quirky sounds and vocals – I was hooked because it feels so different. It’s not trying to be mainstream to fit with the trend. It’s not trying to be indie to be cool and hip. And it’s not trying to be psychedelic. Strangers simply…how can I put it…just stands on its own because it’s mesmerisingly beautiful. Anyone at any age can connect to it. It has that fine summer-poolside vibe where anyone who listens to it doesn’t care what’s around them and in the space of listening to Strangers – and there aren’t many songs I say this about – it can make you feel infinite.

The song’s been getting played on various radio stations in U.S.A. and I’m thrilled that it is as it deserves to be recognised – AROUND THE WORLD! And for now at least, you can head over to their Soundcloud page (click the Soundcloud below to go there) and download the song. Check The Rebel Light on Facebook here. And on Twitter here.

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