That’s Nice ft. Josh Moriarty – Holiday

Whether you are somewhere enjoying the sun or you are stuck in the middle of winter freezing your bits off (sadly, being in England I am in the latter), this song will always make you think about the warm summer and those carefree adventures with your mates or being by the sunny beaches abroad. You could be soaking up the sun right now and listening to this song will make the experience of the summer even more magnificent, or you could be cuddled up inside the house with a fire on and it will make you reminisce that time you and you friends had a party in the summer, a BBQ in the garden, a road trip, or a pool party, etc etc. Featuring the great vocals of Josh Moriarty (vocals/guitar for the Australian band Miami Horror), and a catchy chorus, some cool horns and groovy rhythms, the Mexican producer, That’s Nice, transports us to somewhere luxurious and warm.

Check out That’s Nice on Facebook here. And Twitter here.

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