About The Blogger And The Site

Well I’m Jamie. I’m currently studying Radio Production and I love music! Who doesn’t? Well, this blog as you have guessed is about music. It’s not just for me to find new artists and music from ANYWHERE in the WORLD, but also for you to discover some great music or if you an artist or band this blog is a chance for you to be posted and shown to the world; if I manage to get one person to like an artist because they saw them on this blog then my mission has been achieved.

If you would like me to look at you music or you think I should listen to a certain artist or band and blog them, then please either write on a post comment or you can email me:

Email: jamiemarcuswade@hotmail.com


My personal blog is http://jamiemarcuswade.wordpress.com

5 thoughts on “About The Blogger And The Site

  1. Hey Jamie,

    Hope that you’re well

    I’d like to share a cover with you, for consideration for your site

    Buffalo Tales – Diamonds
    Link here: https://soundcloud.com/sum-management/diamonds

    Writer of the original song (Sia Furler) tweeted her love for this version last week too

    Buufalo Tales – Diamonds
    A preview from the upcoming album Roadtrip Confessions

    Let me know if you need any images/mp3 etc

    Buffalo Tales is an Australian indiefolk artist with the debut album ‘Roadtrip Confessions’ out in June
    His previous single was #3 itunes singer/songwriter chart and the 2012 single ‘Blood & Bone’ was played on over 170 College radio stations in the US
    You can see his 2012 single here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnZtU1UO0wY

    Thanks for your support


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