Urusen – 50 & 9

This band is astonishing! Their music makes you wants to sit around a campfire and sing along and think of good memories with friends and family. 50 & 9 is my favourite of them all, the video below, of them performing the song at Glastonbury Festival (one of the most famous festivals of all) in 2011, is 5 and a half minutes but it’s worth watching as the pace picks up and you find yourself smiling at how magnificently-well all the instruments and vocals are put together so soothingly. When working for Wychwood FM the radio station for Wychwood Festival this year in Cheltenham, UK, I was given the task to research the band and trust me they are one to watch and hear out for. Sadly, I was busy working at the festival and I couldn’t see them live. I was told by my friends they were awesome live. Oh what I would do to see them live. Check them out on Facebook here. And Twitter here.


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