MUST LISTEN: Miami Horror ft. Cleopold – Colours In The Sky

This week’s MUST LISTEN comes from another Australian, well an Australian band. The song comes from one of my favourite bands ever – if you did not know that then where have you been? Miami Horror are a cool electropop band originally from Australia but they live/work down under and in L.A. Their debut album, Illumination, was released and for a while they did not make anything else. Until, September/October this year when they premiered their single Real Slow, which was blogged on here. Well, the band have been extra nice to their fans as they have added their latest single to Soundcloud for everyone to here. The track features Cleopold although there are similarities to their normal dreamy electropop feel, this track has a slightly deeper music feel. However, the lyrics are still able to cleverly stick in your had – especially they people singing “Ooooooooooooooo…”. Now I honestly mean this, check Miami Horror out on Facebook here as they are seriously a cool band. And for Twitter click here.

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