Leaks – Often It’s You

With this track I get a sense of the eerily beautiful music from The XX with a more lively, electro feel and a mix of vocal techniques. It’s cool, deep and very listenable. Often It’s You – out now – is the first single to be lifted from Leaks’s upcoming sophomore EP, which will be available in 2014. Leak is a 19 year old Footscray based producer who has increasingly been getting a lot of attention; the Vulture mag declaring “if you are looking for the ultimate chill the f**k out music, then please make the wisest choice you will make today, and get your ears and wrap them snuggly around Melbourne’s newest soft-electronica artist, Leaks”. And I have to agree with Vulture mag, this track is pretty awesome, deep but awesome. Check Leaks out on Facebook here.

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