REVIEW: Three Words – Welcome To Germany

Listen to the mixtape here.

Firstly being a hip-hop/R&B mixtape i’m quite interested in why the mixtape is called Welcome to Germany – more importantly, why Germany?

The mixtape starts off with a serious heavy beat track yet the lyrics make me question if this is trying to be serious or not: ‘I’m on my Kanye grind’ – I know with hip-hop artists can be serious whilst saying words or phrases in a certain way, you can be tongue ‘n’ cheeck with it yet ‘I’m on my Kanye grind’ is a little odd. Nevertheless, maybe the lyric example given in this song is meant to be serious and has a deeper meaning than I can think of. Who knows? But I have to admit I like the chorus with the female voice in it.

The mixtape goes on to the second track, which is a slow R&B track with a female voice calling out her opinions about her life with someone. It’s nice – even if it was very quiet compared to the track before it, mind – and easy to listen to. Next is Keep on Pushing by Three Words ft. Godhand Black is a good song, which is on another mixtape I reviewed in February. With the mixture of hip-hop and R&B, there becomes a catchy chorus and a great beat that you can listen to again and again.

From a catchy chorus to an artist asking for people not pretend that they know how it feels – we’ve all told people that – to then a cool summer hip-hop track you’d probably hear at the beginning of a Summer party in the back garden. All Summer Long is a breath of fresh air and makes you want to bop your head as you have a few drinks with your friends in the hot sun. However, going from the cool summer track to then a track why they ask  Crocodiles cry whatttttt??? I like metaphors and smilies in songs – they’re pretty much in every song – but trying to get me to relate my life to what crocodiles may cry… say whattttt? The verses are pretty sweet and slick but the chorus, in my opinion, needs work.

From then on the mixtape goes back to being what a lively hip-hop mix tape should be with Beat Drop and Haters. Overall, it’s a good hip-hop/R&B mixtape in some areas with the likes of cool Summer tracks like Keep on PushingAll Summer Long and Sunday Morning yet in others there should have been more attention and work on them.




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