Rendezvous – Dragon Without A Flame

Dragon Without A Flame is the new single from Redezvous’ upcoming second album. This time round collaborating with L.A. singer Automatic Toys. I’m not sure how to easily explain this next part so bare with it. When some songs start slow and gradually build and then go back to being slow, a listener can feel disappointed that the song didn’t have that kick – that excitement – to take the song to the next level. For example with Iggy Azalea’s Black Widow, there’s a slow beat rap then it builds up with Rita Ora’s vocals and you hope it will suddenly explode from a slow song to an awesome dance song like Iggy has done…but instead it falls back to the slow verse and can be repetitive in a not so good way. However, Dragon Without a Flame, I believe, works perfectly without the ‘essential’ need of going crazy and taking it to a faster-rhythm-dance segment. It’s fantastic as it is. It ranges from being slow – a normal beat – and then with the amazing vocals and the awesome electrifying electronic sounds stepping up (with the alternative rock vibe already going on) the songs becomes something more powerful. The song is immense. Check Rendezvous on Facebook here. And Twitter here.

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